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Stir it up is produced exclusively for Country Range customers and is read by over 50,000 chefs and independent business owners, creating a stir in the catering industry.

Industry leading news, features and insights

Published 10 times a year Stir it up includes the latest news impacting independent caterers, in depth insights into the education, health and hospitality sectors as well as exclusive interviews with industry experts and celebrity chefs!

Our dedicated team of journalists also report on all the latest food and catering trends, updates from global foodservice brands, as well as uncovering fascinating features, advice columns and thousands of recipes.

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With over 700 products in our ever-growing portfolio and exciting new solutions launching every year to ensure you stay at the forefront of trends, we’re delighted to unveil a new brand refresh in this latest issue that we think you’ll love!

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Uncover the power of Stir it up

The power of Stir it up can make all the difference to suppliers, empowering them to reach caterers through engaging, targeted advertising and editorial opportunities. Stir it Up has also become an invaluable support in informing the Group’s sales and telesales teams.

What’s more, the magazine supports suppliers in educating Country Range Group members about new products, promotions, and more – saving hundreds of hours of calls and outreach. We are the only industry publication offering the powerful combination of a well-respected printed publication – raising brand awareness and delivering key product messages, bitesize advice and recipe inspiration to your target audience – with the potential of actual sales through our Promotional booklet, which is distributed along with the magazine direct to customers.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our readers say

  • 84% Of our readers say the magazine directly influences their menus
  • 91% Of customers say Stir it Up promotions influence what they purchase
  • 67% of readers view the Stir it Up magazine online and utilise the rest of the content on the website

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Find out more about how getting involved in the magazine can give you a PR boost and provide you with business value through top-tier insights and targeted promotions.

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