We offer a wide range of cost-effective products in suitable pack sizes for the hospitality industry, allowing managers to balance costs without compromising quality. Chefs will find ingredients to create dishes from scratch and a selection of frozen desserts for consistent quality, helping businesses stay profitable in uncertain times.

Whether it’s a small independent café or large restaurant chain, no business will survive without turning a profit. Food and ingredients absorb a significant share of an operator’s profits, so sourcing wisely and carefully balancing purchases with sales is inevitably high on every manager’s agenda.

With financial uncertainty seemingly the order of the day for a while to come, it’s key for hospitality businesses to keep on top of the latest trends that their customers will keep coming back for, whilst managing costs and staying profitable.

That’s why at Country Range, we ensure that our great value products are in pack sizes that are suitable for the hospitality sector, which helps to manage margin whilst never compromising on quality. Our
wide range of ingredients and trend-led innovation provide chefs with everything they need to create dishes from scratch, whilst our large and varied selection of frozen, finished desserts and pastries allow businesses to serve consistent quality to their customers.

Here are our 5 top tips for reducing waste:

  1. Measure food waste and at what stage it is wasted. If the majority is in the preparation stage improvements can be prioritised in this area.
  2. Engage staff so that they understand the bigger picture and their role in the process.
  3. Reduce overproduction by analysing sales, assessing portion control and reducing the number of sides that are served alongside some dishes.
  4. Rethink inventory and purchasing practices to optimise stock and avoid over-stocking.
  5. Repurpose excess food to prevent unsold items going to waste. Produce daily or weekly specials to make use of leftover ingredients.

Meet the Makers

Country Range products are as good if not better than any products out there but they’re cheaper so you get better value for money. There’s not one Country Range product that I have ever been disappointed with. I’m surprised by how big the range is.

Gloucestershire Care Home

We use a lot of Country Range products, from the battered fish to sponge mixes, oil, tinned tomatoes, sauces and dressings. It really is great value whilst at the same time being great quality.

School Caterer

We’re always looking to improve, and our residents are becoming more experimental each year so my wholesaler and the Country Range brand have been a massive help in driving our creativity.

Care Home Chef

Quality and margin are both essential for our business to succeed and the Country Range products help us achieve both.

Owner, Health Café

We use a wide selection of the Country Range products and from a quality and taste point of view, they are excellent. The spices, bouillons, custard, cream - I could go on- they are all great products that we use regularly.

Head Chef, Surrey

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