Health and Welfare

In health and welfare environments, meeting diverse dietary needs and providing appetizing meals is a challenge. Our range of products helps caterers save time and costs while creating delicious dishes that cater to residents' specific requirements, including puréed textures for those with dysphagia, and adhering to to the 2024 salt guidelines.

Catering in the care sector is challenging work at the best of times. Some residents and patients in health and welfare environments want to be inspired by new flavours, whilst others simply demand (and deserve) good food cooked well.

The additional challenge in this sector is that residents have a range of dietary or medical needs and in many cases, need to be encouraged to eat and keep hydrated. Not only is there pressure to make mealtimes engaging, but any given dish may need to be puréed to four different levels of texture for residents with dysphagia. When you are operating three meals a day plus snacks, it is easy to see how complex care catering soon becomes.

We have a wide selection of products to help caterers in this sector to save costs and time, such as our dessert, cake and pudding mixes, which enable chefs to create the nostalgic taste of home with ease and consistent results, all whilst adhering to the 2024 salt guidelines.

Here are 5 top tips for care caterers:

  1. Ask residents if they have any favourite recipes to personalise menus and develop a stronger connection.
  2. Create a sensory experience by adding a coffee machine or toaster into the dining environment to create comforting aromas.
  3. Encourage individuals to get involved in food preparation, whether chopping vegetables of laying tables.
  4. Try to give people a choice of where to sit. A change of scenery may make eating more pleasurable.
  5. Open the environment to friends and family for specific meals or events.

Meet the Makers

Country Range products are as good if not better than any products out there but they’re cheaper so you get better value for money. There’s not one Country Range product that I have ever been disappointed with. I’m surprised by how big the range is.

Gloucestershire Care Home

We use a lot of Country Range products, from the battered fish to sponge mixes, oil, tinned tomatoes, sauces and dressings. It really is great value whilst at the same time being great quality.

School Caterer

We’re always looking to improve, and our residents are becoming more experimental each year so my wholesaler and the Country Range brand have been a massive help in driving our creativity.

Care Home Chef

Quality and margin are both essential for our business to succeed and the Country Range products help us achieve both.

Owner, Health Café

We use a wide selection of the Country Range products and from a quality and taste point of view, they are excellent. The spices, bouillons, custard, cream - I could go on- they are all great products that we use regularly.

Head Chef, Surrey

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