2 minutes Inspiration

5 Ways to Use’ Coconut Milk

Supremely versatile whether it’s being used for starters, snacks, soups, drinks, mains or sweets, Country Range Coconut Milk is responsibly sourced from Thailand, has a fat content of 17% and is made with a blend of the finest pressed coconut and water.

With World Coconut Day taking place at the beginning of next month on the 2nd September, it’s surely time to go coco-nutz this August so you’re ready for the big day. Available in 400ml cans in cases of 12.

1/ Scintillating Sauces

Coconut milk is a key ingredient to make a punchy paste into a glorious creamy sauce for an array of dishes. I love using it to make a sauce for fresh chilli and coconut mussels.

2/ Roll the coconut dice with the rice

People always seem to stick with plain old rice when there are so many ways to spruce it up and maximise flavour. Instead of just boiling in water, use 50% stock and 50% coconut milk and cook for 10 mins or so. Add a squeeze of fresh lime and you have an incredible coconut rice – great to accompany the satay above.

3/ Panna Cotta

Lemongrass and coconut milk are a wonderful combination in curries but also pair brilliantly in slightly more refined desserts. I love combining them together in a Panna Cotta with caramelised pineapple and roasted pecans.

4/ Mind- blowing marinades

When cooked down or used alongside some intense flavours, the coconut milk works beautifully as a marinade to keep meat and veg moist and give a boost to taste. I use it to make the ultimate Chicken Satay.

5/ Rice pudding is a dish that

will never ever go out of fashion but a twist is always nice every now and again. I love using the coconut milk to give a tropical feel to a rice pudding and often serve it with sliced poached peaches and toasted coconut.


A former student at City of Glasgow College, Hayley first started using the Country Range brand after competing in the Student Chef Challenge. Fast- forward 5 years and Hayley is now a Lecturer in Culinary Arts at the college and instead of competing, helped mentor her team into the Grand Final earlier this year. Here is her quintet of ideas for incorporating coconut milk into dishes.