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5 ways to use – Dark or Light Soy Sauce 1 ltr

Soy sauce is a popular food used both as a cooking ingredient and a condiment. The history of soy sauce goes back over 2,000 years in China. It was developed to help keep food from spoiling and add flavour to it, as salt was expensive at the time.

It was introduced to Japan in the 7th century and later to Korea and Southeast Asia. It is now popular in many other parts of the world.

The Country Range Soy Sauce is suitable for Vegan diets and has a full bodied flavour, perfect as a dipping sauce. The soy sauce is perfect when trying to add flavour without colouring Asian dishes. This issue we have Paul Dickson, Country Range Development Chef who shares five innovative ways to use this Soy Sauce.

1 Substitute

– Great to use as a salt substitute. Try using it in dark stews instead of salt

2 Sauce

– Makes a great Asian style dipping sauce. Try 1 tbsp soy, 1 tbsp, lime juice, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp veg oil. Throw in some thinly sliced ginger, garlic and spring onions and it’s a great dressing for all meat and fish and even veggie dishes

3 Marinade

– Use it as a marinade – puree 2 cloves of garlic, piece of ginger 100ml soy sauce and 1 tbsp honey. Place in a bowl with 2 chicken breasts and marinate for 2 hours

4 Spice

– Give your roast potatoes a real punch. Toss in a bowl with a knob of butter, 1 tbsp soy and a 1/2 tsp chilli flakes

5 Sweet

– You can even use soy sauce in a dessert. Try swapping it instead of salt in a salted caramel sauce. melt 100g sugar slowly to a caramel in a dry pan. Add 50g butter, 50ml double cream and whisk off the heat. Add 1tbsp soy sauce to give it that umami hit.

Paul Dickson is a chef, brand ambassador, food stylist and Home Economist. With a vast culinary knowledge collected from some of the finest establishments in London, Manchester and the North West.

He creates exceptional visual stories about what and how we eat. Based in Lancashire but working all over the U.K and Ireland, with well-known brands Paul creates recipes, stills and video content to promote their brands.

As a recipe writer he has a loyal following on social media and hosts regular cookery demos. In addition to his food styling work, Paul is currently working as a mentor with small businesses, promoting modern, tasty and above all beautiful food.

Country Range work with Paul to create recipes from using the latest insight trends to make up inspirational menus through to developing new ways of serving up traditional favourites.