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5 Ways to Use: Fennel Seeds

A member of the same family as the carrot – the Apiaceae family fennel is an ancient seasonal herb that first originated in the southern Mediterranean but now grows throughout Asia, North America and Europe.

Fennel seed is a spice with a mild aniseed flavour. It can be ground, toasted or used whole to flavour a range of fish, meat, vegetables and even sweet dishes. The Country Range Whole Fennel Seeds are available in a 350g tub.

1 – Resounding Risotto

For a zesty and aromatic risotto, use whole fennel seeds alongside fresh fennel and a good grating of lemon.

2 – Naughty Nibbles

Use fragrant fennel seeds to make crisp bread for nibbles or to accompany the cheese course.

3 – Masterful Mousse

For a refined dessert that enraptures all of the senses, use fennel seeds to subtly scent a dark chocolate mousse.

4 – Fragrant Freshness

Using whole fennel seeds with seasonal peas and broad beans alongside chorizo and cream is a wonderful way of adding depth of flavour.

5 – Sauce to be Reckoned With

Whole fennel seeds were used in the Serengeti sauce for the Student Chef Challenge, and it gave the dish full-on fragrance and flavour.

About Loughborough’s Jess Howick, Libby Anderson and Nathan Russell

Thanks to passionate lecturers such as Darren Creed, Loughborough College are no strangers to awards and success. This year’s Country Range Student Chef Challenge team included Jess Howick, Libby Anderson and Nathan Russell, who incredibly are first year students and only began their hospitality courses last September. “I was honestly blown away with the team,” notes Darren Creed, Chef Lecturer at Loughborough College. “To be first year students and competing at this level is an achievement in itself but for them to stay so calm, collected and work together as a team under intense pressure was incredible to see.”