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5 Ways to Use: Frozen petit pois

5 Ways to Use … Petit pois Frozen fruit and vegetables are well known for being nutritionally more reliable than…

Frozen fruit and vegetables are well known for being nutritionally more reliable than fresh, as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost.From a caterer perspective, they’re also more cost-effective, allow ingredients to be available out of season and help minimise waste. One of the most popular frozen vegetables are petit pois and, here, Annmarie Farr, chef lecturer at Ayrshire College, who led a team of students to the final of this year’s Country Range Student Chef Challenge, gets creative with these humble green balls of goodness…


  1. Pea and carrot risotto

This dish is made by using carrot juice and vegetable stock as the cooking liquor. It’s a vibrant dish with a fresh feel about it. Just add a good helping of frozen petit pois towards the end of cooking.


  1. Pea and broad bean hummus

Purée blanched and refreshed petit pois and broad beans with lemon zest, roasted garlic and tahini and spices of your choice for a lighter and brighter alternative to the traditional chickpea hummus.


  1. Pea vinaigrette

Again, using blanched and refreshed petit pois, this can be made using any vinegar and mustard you like with a good glug of oil and plenty of fresh soft herbs like chervil or mint. This is such a versatile dressing and can be used in salads, scallop dishes, egg recipes as well as complementing cold ham.


  1. Pea fritters

These are great as a vegetarian starter with a poached egg, or can be enhanced by adding fish, ham hock or sweetcorn, whatever you fancy! Simply make a basic savoury pancake batter then add petit pois and any other ingredients you choose then shallow or deep-fry.


  1. Pea soufflé

A light and tasty lunch or starter, just add the pea puree to your béchamel and choice of cheese – could be a locally produced blue, or Gruyére cheese also works well – then fold in your egg whites. Bake the soufflés in prepared ramekins in a pre-heated oven for 15 to 20 minutes – delicious and tasty!


About Annmarie Farr

Annmarie has worked as a hospitality lecturer at Ayrshire College for four years. Prior to that she lectured at Newbury College in Berkshire for almost 10 years. Her team of three students – Iona Duncan, Agnieska Dudko and Katarazyna Hospodarewska – triumphed in the Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2017 final held at ScotHot in Glasgow. She also led a team, which included Iona Duncan, into the finals of the 2018 Student Chef Challenge.