2 minutes Inspiration

5 Ways To Use Fruit Filling

Providing fantastic functionality and versatility across the menu throughout the day, our fruit filling tubs are available in red cherry, strawberry or Bramley apple.

Whether used in a pie, flan, turnover, smoothie, muesli bowl or even to boost or lift sauces, the sweetened whole and broken red cherries with a medium thick, glossy, red sauce have a tangy cherry flavour and soft fruit texture. The strawberry filling features rough-chopped berries, evenly distributed to create a deliciously thick sauce. All three fillings are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

1 – Elegant glazes

When blended, these fillings are great for a smooth, vibrant sweet glaze with a touch of acidity that can be used for many desserts such as finishing a cheesecake or an Eton mess.

2 – Super souffle

The tangy flavour of the cherry can transform a light soufflé, which can then be paired with a sweet ice cream or sorbet.

3 – Gorgeous granita

The acidity that the red cherry provides along with the sweetness means it is a great ingredient for a granita. The bright red colour creates a stunning serve and the flavour profile makes it a perfect refresher pre-dessert.

4 – Delicious daiquiri

Superb for summer, you just can’t beat a well-made Daiquiri and nowadays it’s easy to make them as a mocktail too. Simply blend with ice and you have the perfect drink for summer due to its radiant colour and well-balanced flavour profile.

5 – Saucy saucy

A fun all-year-round alternative to cranberry sauce, I love making a regal red cherry and red wine sauce using the cherry fruit filling. It’s great with duck.