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5 Ways to Use: Garlic Puree

For the last 5,000 years, garlic has been the ultimate multifunctional ingredient. Food, medicine, aphrodisiac, currency, vampire vanquisher you name it, these pungent
bulbs have done it all. Available in a convenient 1kg tub, the timesaving Country Range Garlic Purée is wonderful in a wide array of soups, stews, pasta dishes, curries, casseroles, sauces, or simply to make quick garlic bread. One full teaspoon is the equivalent of three cloves of garlic.

1 – Get Saucy

Providing gorgeous garlicky punch to wraps, pizza, sharing plates or just great as a dip for vegetables, use mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic purée, basil or oregano, salt and pepper to make a creamy, herby and punchy garlic sauce.

2 – Butter Me Up

For something a little more refined, use garlic butter to make a Polish classic – Kotlet De Volaille – a chicken fillet stuffed with parsley garlic butter, rolled up, breaded and fried.

3 – Garlic Oil

A simple way of infusing flavour into ingredients, brilliant for dressings or finishing dishes. Simply add garlic purée to olive or rapeseed oil, shake well and drizzle away.

4 – Winter Wonder

A never-fail cold remedy, warm milk with honey, garlic and butter is a must-try. You may not smell the best but it’s a lovely warming treat and it will help you fight the germs!

5 – Curries, Soups and Stews

With the colder weather arriving, it’s the perfect time for soup, stews and curries. Garlic purée is essential for depth of flavour – quick and easy to use as part of your base, it’s a brilliant fridge saviour ingredient when you’re up against the clock.

About Iwona Grzesikiewicz

Iwona Grzesikiewicz is one of the talented Ayrshire students, who clinched third place in the Student Chef Challenge last March with a stunning menu featuring Baked Cajun Sea Bass with Tortilla Leaf, Herb and Pistachio Crusted Cannon of Lamb and an Australian Sunset dessert. After passing her course at Ayrshire with flying colours, Iwona is studying a HNC in Pastry before commencing her second year HND Professional Cookery course.