3 minutes Inspiration

5 Ways to Use: Golden Breadcrumbs

A key store cupboard ingredient, Country Range Golden Breadcrumbs are functional, flavoursome, tantamount to texture and vital to colour in many sweet and savoury dishes. Available in a 3kg pack, they can be used across the menu throughout the year. Great for coating a wide range of meat, fish, vegetables, croquettes, and eggs, they’re also superb for sweets and sprinkles.

1 – Chocolate additions

As a chocolatier, I would use the golden breadcrumbs to add bite and contrast to my chocolate creations. I would put them in a pan with some cocoa butter and make sure they’re evenly covered. Then they could be added to chocolates or other creations.

2 – Apple Charlotte

For a fab finish and superb crunch to an Apple Charlotte, butter your bread to line the tin and then coat the buttered side in golden breadcrumbs. You will see and taste the difference when you tuck in.

3 – Crucial for crumbles

A great crumble needs those different layers of textures so I love to add golden breadcrumbs alongside some oats and nuts to the crumb.

4 – Compotes

I’m a huge apple lover and apple compotes have played a big part in my career. It’s a dish I love to make. Newt has their own orchard with various different varieties, so I played around a lot with different compotes and I think golden breadcrumbs are perfect on top. Texture enhances flavour.

5 – Schnitzel

I often make this at home and it is a failure if the coating isn’t golden, crisp and crunchy as it’s served. Golden breadcrumbs are a saving grace for this. I actually like to use turkey instead of pork or chicken. It’s leaner, cheaper, flavourful and works brilliantly with the breadcrumbs.


After completing his qualification in cookery at Cornwall College, Alan Holloway worked for some of the biggest names in London including stints at Scotts, Claridge’s and with acclaimed pâtissier William Curley. Specialising in pastry and pâtisserie (and passionate about taking some of the skills and techniques he had learned back to the south west), Alan took on a role at the Hotel Endsleigh in Devon, part of the Polizzi collection, before working at the multi award-winning Newt in Somerset.

In 2022, Alan set up his own pâtisserie and chocolatier business and also returned to Cornwall College to teach, support and pass on his knowledge to the next generation of young chefs.