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5 Ways to Use Peach Slices

Canned peaches are as loaded with nutrients as fresh peaches, and in some cases, pack more of a nutritional punch. It’s been reported that canned peaches have four times more vitamin C in them than fresh peaches with comparable levels of vitamin E.

Country Range Peach Slices in Syrup are a great staple ingredient for caterers to use in a variety of ways on their menus. These slightly tart peach slices are sweet and moreish and can be used across a selection of sweet and savoury dishes.
Paul Dickson, Country Range Development Chef shares his five innovative ways to use Peach Slices.

  1. Garnish

Peach slices are great as a garnish for sweet or savoury dishes. Tinned peaches are great for pavlovas and ice cream, but also add an amazing twist on a nice slice of grilled gammon.

  1. Filling

These peach slices are great for a deep filled fruit pie or tart. Coat them in a little custard powder first and when the juices come out, the pie will have a creamy custard finish.

  1. Breakfast

Next time you make porridge for breakfast. Top with slices of peach, a drizzle of honey or brown sugar and toast under the grill.

  1. Purée

Perfect for your milk shakes and smoothies. Take it to the next level by freezing them first before you purée them, and your smoothies will be thick and creamy.

  1. Salads

Amazing in sweet or savoury salads. I like to grill mine and serve with Parma ham, mozzarella or feta and rocket.

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About: Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson is a chef, brand ambassador, food stylist and Home Economist. With a vast culinary knowledge collected from some of the finest establishments in London, Manchester and the North West. He creates exceptional visual stories about what and how we eat.

Country Range work with Paul to create recipes from using the latest insight trends to make up inspirational menus through to developing new ways of serving up traditional favourites.

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