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5 ways to use – Sliced Green Jalapeno Peppers

A member of the capsicum family, jalapeno chillies range from moderate to very hot. Originating from South America, they are about 4cm long, dark green when young and scarlet when ripe, and are sold both fresh and tinned.

The Country Range Sliced Green Jalapeno Peppers in Brine are cleaned and sliced and come in 3 kg tins. These Jalapeños are versatile enough to be used in many cuisines and are perfect for an all-purpose hot sauce which provides an injection of heat to your dish.

This issue we have Paul Dickson, Country Range Development Chef who shares five innovative ways to use these Jalapeno Peppers.

  1. Add a few sliced jalapeños to invigorate any salad. Works amazing to liven up a classic Caesar salad
  2. Use the brine juice with a squeeze of fresh lime and veg oil to make a delicious spicy dressing 1tbsp brine, 1tbsp lime juice and 5 tbsp veg oil 1 tbsp water
  3. Jalapeños make a great chutney and love a cheese board. Bring to the boil 250ml sugar, 250ml vinegar, 21 fine diced onion and 150g jalapeños, simmer until the mixture reduces by half and goes sticky. Cool and store in a clean jar
  4. Give your jalapeños a little drink. They deserve it. Add a few slices of jalapeños to your favourite Margareta or Bloody Marie for a next level cocktail.
  5. Great in a cheesy fondue dip. Puree the jalapeños and stir into your cheesy dip, gives nachos a real kick