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5 Ways To Use: Tandoori Spice Mix

Made with a complex and aromatic blend of spices such as coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, paprika and ginger, as well as a selection of herbs and dried vegetables, the Country Range Tandoori Spice Mix is vibrant red in colour and is specifically designed to provide an authentic flavour. The spice mix is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs and is the ultimate marinade when used classically with yoghurt and lemon juice to coat chicken and fish before oven baking.

1 – Classic Curries

As a chef the best way to get flavour into meat, fish or vegetables when making a curry is by adding spices and marinating it overnight. This allows the spices and flavour to be absorbed and will ensure real depth of flavour and the best curry in town.

2 – Crusts

Using a dry rub on meat and fish helps elevate the ingredient and infuse it but also creates a crust to help keep the meat moist and provide a good balance of flavour with every mouthful. I love creating a crust on a variety of birds, whether chicken, duck or even some a bit more gamey like partridge.

3 – Roaring Roast Vegetables

For a superb spice twist on your classic tray of roasted vegetables, sprinkle with the tandoori spice mix. Any veg will do for a great side to compliment a wide range of dishes.

4 – Chicken Thighs

One of my favourite dishes is marinated chicken thighs that are then thrown on the BBQ or cooked over flames. Thighs have so much more taste than breast and the tandoori spice adds a fantastic fragrant flavour and the fire adds sumptuous smoky nuances. Simply serve with a tzatziki dip, roasted sweet potato and a zesty salad.

5 – Spiced Up Soups and Salads

The tandoori spice is a great tool to add heat and spice to soups and even salads. When using dry spices, you should always cook out the spice in a pan without oil. This will help elevate the flavour and aroma and will help make the dish hotter in spice as well. One of my favourite fiery salads is a combination of the tandoori spice with chickpea, peppers, red onion, courgette and spinach.

About Lauren Gregg

Working as a chef in Rosette and Michelin kitchens for over 22 years, Lauren Cawston-Gregg has been at the fine dining and refined end of catering for the majority of her career. Five years ago, Lauren began teaching and has never looked back. Passionate about passing on her knowledge, tips and experience to the next generation of young chefs, Lauren teaches at Cambridge Regional College who are regular finalists at the Country Range Student Chef Challenge.