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5 Ways to use Tikka Masala Paste

Tikka is a flavour usually associated with chicken, which is roasted at a high temperature to give a rich, charred flavour to your meat. Although thought of as a medium flavour profile it can be used mildly and will still cut though as a delicious and robust spice to your dish.

Bursting with flavour and aroma, the Country Range Curry Pastes are highly versatile and can be used in various applications. Here we have five innovative ideas from the University of Derby chef lecturer Phil Hardy who led his team of student chefs to battle it out in the Grand Final of the 2019/2020 Country Range Student Chef Challenge earlier this year.

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The three Cypriot students (Giorgos Euripidou, Kyriakos Argyrides and Christina Christofi) that made up the finalist team have all now graduated and left to continue their careers back home. Whilst in England they had worked in the various events held at our campus as part of their course which included dinners for up to 400 covers for our graduation event and other small fine dining events for various clientele. All three are very much steeped in the tradition and values of their own Cypriot cuisine which shines through to their everyday cooking. All three have aspirations of running their own businesses and have flare for presentation and product development.

1/ American Style Potato Salad

One use, is the use in compound salads to lift and give spice and character to classic dishes found on traditional buffets. If you use the tikka paste for a take on the American style potato salad which features boiled new potatoes, boiled eggs (Diced), finely sliced ‘paysanne cut’ celery sticks and diced onions, all of which is bound in mayonnaise with a dollop of English mustard for a hint of spice. Although mustard is a core ingredient for this potato salad the adding of a couple of teaspoons of Country Range Tikka Masala Paste will give this that coronation feel.

2/ Spicy Onion Bhaji

One side dish which is great to teach students. They learn the disgorging of the internal water found in vegetables but also that it is essential to remove that water to act as the binding liquid for the chickpea flour (Garam Flour) that will act as a binding agent for the final product. This is what gives the Bhaji its shape and character when it’s fried. Utilising the tikka paste adds a lot of flavour to a quick and easy but delicious recipe. Visit www.countryrange.co.uk for the full Spicy Onion Bhaji recipe.

3/Tikka Masala Cauliflower Steak

As a delicious steak alternative, take a chunky slice of cauliflower and rub with the tikka masala paste, wrap in foil and roast over a barbecue or within a hot oven. It will take 8-12 minutes on the BBQ to make this tender and soft probably about 15 minutes in a moderate oven if up to temperature. The ‘steak’ can
be served alongside a variety of vegetables and salad mixes or added to a colourful rice mix and buddha bowl for an on-the-go option.

4/Tikka Cod

Rub a fillet of cod (or halibut for a more premium dish) with the
tikka masala paste then roast and finish with butter. This can be laid on a bed of wild rice or crushed new potatoes with bok choi, steamed green beans and peas. This will go nicely served with a white wine velouté to balance the spice of the dish.

5/ Sag Aloo Potatoes

This is a filling and flavoursome side dish which is cost effective to add alongside a variety of meals or as an addition to an event menu. Season some par-boiled potatoes (semi cooked but still firm), toss them in Country Range Tikka Masala Paste and roast them till cooked. For a crispier variation, just cook them for a little longer.

Bursting with flavour and aroma, the Country Range Curry Paste are highly versatile and can be used in various applications.