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5 Ways To Use: Tomato Paste

A vital ingredient across the menu to add depth of flavour and body to sauces, ragu, stews, curries, soups and a wide range of other dishes from around the globe, the Country Range Tomato Paste is double concentrated and made from the finest Italian tomatoes. The Tomato paste comes in 6 x 800g tins.

1 – Punchy Pasta

I love using the tomato paste to provide real backbone to my Bloody Mary tagliatelle. I make this with sundried tomatoes, vodka, tabasco, tomato paste, cannellini beans and crispy pancetta topped with celery leaves.

2 – Crust is a must

Slow roasted belly pork is one of my all-time favourites and I especially like making it with a crust. For the tangy and crispy crust, I use the tomato paste, thyme, garlic, and breadcrumbs. It never fails to impress.

3 – Baste your bread

We all love garlic bread but for a change I often slightly dilute my tomato paste and paint it on my favourite bread such as focaccia before finishing in the oven.

4 – Savoury swirl

A cinnamon swirl is much loved, but I enjoy making a savoury version with herbs and the tomato paste. Simply add to your white bread dough before baking.

5 – Moreish marinade

A great ingredient for marinades, I often use tomato paste with onion, dried red chillies, spinach, Urid dhal, Channa dhal and tamarind water as a marinade for chicken or fish. I then serve this with pilau rice and fenugreek chapati.

About Nicholas Ayieko

Beginning his culinary journey in Kenya 23 years ago, Nicholas Ayieko has worked in a wide range of culinary establishments. With vast experience in the conferencing, banqueting and the rosette fine dining arena, Nichaolas joined Stoke on Trent College in August 2023. Passionate about sharing his experience and love of food to the next generation of hungry young chefs in the Staffordshire area, Nicholas has been crucial in helping students Adam Hughes, Nicolas Tachenny and Charlie Watton-Emsleya make the Country Range Student Chef Final back in March this year.