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5 Ways to Use: Whole Dried Apricots

Offering a beautiful, chewy texture and tangy-sweet taste, the Country Range Whole Dried Apricots have become a popular product in the last few years as the five-a-day and health trends have grown, providing a good source of vitamins A and E, iron and antioxidants. The Country Range Whole Dried Apricots come in 3kg packs and like many dried fruits, are super snacks and hugely versatile across the menu.

1 – Great Granola

Stupendously good, simply chopped and added to granola with your favourite nuts and other dried fruit before being topped with natural yoghurt and honey.

2 – Fruit Forward Deserts

A Polish dried fruit compote is often enjoyed on Christmas Eve but it is popular all year round and is supremely tasty. I love using the dried apricots alongside a mixture of other dried fruits and spices for this tasty traditional treat whatever the season.

3 – Get Stuffed

Making your own stuffing can elevate any roast and chopped whole dried apricots are a fantastic ingredient to boost flavour and add visual appeal.

4 – Terrific Tagine

Providing important texture and sweetness, I love chopping dried apricots and then using them in a tagine.

5 – Sticky Pudding Twist

Sticky toffee pudding is a triumph but I love to replace the dates with dried apricots for a fruity twist to this much-loved classic.

About Samantha Stirling

One of the trio of talented chefs from Ayrshire College who wowed judges at the Country Range Student Chef Challenge final in March, Samantha Stirling and her team mates Iwona Grzesikiewicz and Claire Galloway-Dobinson are certainly three young chefs to keep an eye on. The Ayrshire team’s skill, technique and professionalism had judges purring as they clinched third place and received a silver merit award from the Craft Guild of Chefs.