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Back to school

Caterers have to find the right balance between great tasting grub and that all important nutrition, while keeping costs within budget – its never an easy job! The good news is that whether cooking for a five-a-day fanatic or a youngster on the fussy side of the spectrum, we have the solutions to make lunchtime everyone’s favourite meal of the day.

Try some of our beautiful baked goods to add star quality to the menu. From our pasties, pies and sausage rolls right through to our croissants, cakes, floury baps and brioche, we have the finished products to keep kids happy and energised for learning. For those chefs looking to push their young diner’s eating boundaries and those catering for the growing number of young vegetarians and flexitarians, why not try this Baked Celeriac, Cheddar Cheese & Onion Dauphinoise Pie recipe.

For a versatile, easy-to-prepare classic that’s always a winner in the dining hall, whip up some of our Ciabatta Pizza Slices using our part-baked baguettes, tomato sauce and cheese before loading them with your diner’s favourite toppings such as sandwich ham, cooked chicken breast slices or roasted rainbow veg.