1 minute Inspiration

Chinese New Year – Friday 12th February

Even with lockdown hampering people’s movements in 2020, the nation’s thirst for international cuisine has remained undiminished so Chinese New Year on the 12th February presents a fantastic opportunity for chefs to get creative with their offering. 

For the last decade and more, Chinese cuisine has been a pillar of popularity amongst consumers, whether it is eaten in or out-of-home. So as the big day gets closer, consider running some special dishes, food-to-go offerings, or themed menus. Our Chilli Bean Fried Wonton-style Cup recipe is a wonderful winter warmer as a starter and our Char Siew Meatballs always turns heads and can be made with pork, chicken or a plant-based alternative.

The diverse Country Range portfolio has all the ingredients needed for a Far East celebration this February.  From our  Sweet and Sour Ready To Use Sauces and Medium Egg Noodles to Soy Sauce, Spices, Honey and more – whatever  your skill or knowledge level, it’s time to spice things up.

“I use the Country Range Spices for so many applications and they do exactly what they say with a nice flavour at the end of it.” – Hotel, Cumbria