2 minutes Product Updates

Country Range launch ground-breaking New Potato Fries

With the humble fry no longer just a sideshow but a star attraction on menus right across the foodservice spectrum, Country Range have further strengthened their potato portfolio with the addition of a new range of premium fries.

Ensuring chefs have a top-quality, taste-rich, crunchy, and consistent fry for all occasions, the new Country Range trio are beneficial to kitchens of all sizes and are available immediately in 2.5kg bags, which come in boxes of four.

Utilising the latest chip technology, the premium, no-hassle fry range delivers impeccable chip crispness, while ensuring an unbeatable, silky soft inner potato.

A great way for chefs to upweight and add value to their side and snack offerings, the innovative trio can be ‘pimped up’ and loaded with all manner of imaginative toppings.

Lightly salted for a quick and easy serve, the fries can be valuable in helping kitchens to reduce waste and are pre-fried in sunflower oil, instead of palm oil for additional environmental credentials.

Double Crunch Fries

Gloriously golden in colour and visually appealing, the versatile Double Crunch duo are available in a 14mm standard fry and 10mm Skin-on fry.

Coated in an ingenious, invisible batter, the fries offer the ultimate crunch and soft centre that will remain for an extraordinary 40 minutes, once taken out of the fryer or oven.

Excellent for food-to-go and takeaway but also for chefs working under heat lamps or serving hot buffets, no other fry can get close to its Double Crunch lasting-power.

Triple Cooked Chunky Fries

Looking a bit more like a traditional pub chip with that classic thicker cut, our Triple Cooked Chunky Fries are different than anything else on the market.

While other thick cut chips have a firmer centre, we use another bespoke coating and cooking process that ensures the fries stay crisp for at least 20 minutes and have an exquisitely unique, almost mash potato centre.

The Spuds

We use carefully selected in-season Fontane potatoes – a great tasting, all-round spud that is fantastic for fries.  By using a single variety, we can guarantee absolute consistency throughout the year when it comes to flavour, appearance, and performance.