2 minutes Inspiration

Dickson’s Diary: Spring into Action

Now that spring is here, it’s time to shake up your menus and introduce some lighter, healthier dishes. Salmon pastrami is my new favourite dish and it’s really easy to make. Firstly, you need
to brine some Country Range Farmed Atlantic Salmon Fillets – or you could use a whole side of salmon if you wish – in water with salt, brown sugar, slices of garlic, a bay leaf and some Country Range Peppercorns, Whole Fennel and Whole Cloves. Leave to brine for 24 hours (or 48 hours for a full side). Once brined, wash off the salmon then cover in cracked black pepper and some lemon zest and smoke it in a low oven or on a barbecue in a gastronorm with some woodchips. Light the woodchips with a blowtorch and place the salmon on a rack with the lid on. The salmon needs to be cooked to 70°C.

To accompany the salmon, mix some Country Range Pickled Sliced Beetroot with some Country Range Horseradish Sauce, French Mustard, Set Soured Cream and some chopped fresh dill. Blitz it to dip  consistency and serve with a seasonal salad, some in season asparagus or some Jersey Royal potatoes.

Rhubarb is in season and, with retro desserts on trend this year, this rhubarb, custard and ginger fool with almond crumble is sure to be a hit. If you don’t have fresh rhubarb, drain off a tin of Country Range Rhubarb and fold in some puréed stem ginger and Country  Range Crème Fraiche. Next make a sheet of meringue, break into small pieces and add to the mix.

Bake off some Country Range Crumble Mix and mix with some toasted Country Range Flaked Almonds. Use a presentation glass to build up layers of the rhubarb mix and crumble mix, along with some Country Range Ready to Serve Custard. Finish with a piece of rhubarb on top.


Paul Dickson
Country Range development chef