3 minutes Inspiration


Coming early in the calendar this year, Easter Sunday takes place on the 4th April and, more than any other year, it will be a time to celebrate the coming of spring and hopefully better times ahead.

With the last family supper at Christmas a wash out or at best, a scaled-back affair for many, it means Easter has never held more significance as customers, students and residents look to indulge in the best food and drink.

Roast dinners rule the roost at Easter so caterers should work to provide a special experience with their roast offerings across the Easter weekend. For hospitality caterers offering a takeaway or delivered menu, think unique cuts of meat, fresh in-season vegetables, super stuffing’s, special sauces, impressive Yorkshire puddings and gorgeous gravies.

Our range of seasonings, gravy granules, cooking wines, stocks, mustards and sauces are the perfect way of pimping up your Sunday best so don’t hold back.

Whether you’re sticking with traditional dishes like this Lamb Shank with all the trimmings or looking for an alternative such
as a delicious Moroccan M’hanncha, perfect for vegan diners, we have plenty of recipe inspiration available for you to use, check out our recipes page.


The same goes for desserts – make sure they’re a spectacle and get taste buds racing. Our Country Range Handmade Gluten Free Carrot Cake is fantastic for the occasion – a seductive showstopper that will have your guests hopping with happiness. If you want to create your own desserts, cakes and tarts then we have a multitude of ingredients for you to utilise from flours to tinned fruits and jams to our award-winning Country Range Chocolate Drops.




In addition to fully created desserts, why not create some playful experiences such as offering DIY kits for families to create easter eggs, decorate cakes or cupcakes like our cute Easter Cupcakes here.

Ahead of the first relaxations of restrictions later in the month, there are still restrictions around visitors into care homes so making the most of Easter celebrations for residents is key to keep spirits up.

“Easter is definitely going to be big this year and that means it’s important to offer the very best. We’ll be sprucing up our roast dinners for the special day and we have lots of other activities planned such as Easter egg and truffle making classes.”

– Tim Ware, head chef at Green Tree Court CARE HOME