2 minutes Product Updates

Festiv Potato Pleasers

With the most ground-breaking and pioneering potato portfolio around, we’re thrilled to once again lead the pack with the addition of four new potato products, perfect for caterers over the busy festive period.

The innovative spuds guarantee caterers of all sizes can offer flavour-first, consistent and creative potato sides across the festive menu, whatever the time, day or occasion. Unbeatable when it comes to taste, texture and staying power, the new lines are also great for helping caterers reduce waste and save time.

Country Range Seasoned Waffle Fries

Pack Size: 4 X 2.5 kg

A crispy lattice cut potato with a light seasoning made from a secret selection of spices. Brilliant for a wide range of sides, festive cooked breakfast and brunches or takeaways.

Country Range Potato Dauphinoise

Pack Size: 10 x 1 kg (10 portions per bag)

A pre-portioned gratin made with sliced fontane potato with an indulgent cream cheese sauce giving a golden crisp surface when backed. A potato centrepiece fit for any table, feast or occasion.

Country Rang Roast Potatoes

Pack Size: 4 x 2.5 kg

Fontane potatoes parboiled before being roasted to perfection. Golden and crispy on the outside with a soft fluffy centre.

Country Range Roasted Potatoes with Duck Fat

Pack Size: 4 x 2.5 kg

The pinnacle of roast potatoes, which have a roughened texture and have been cooked in duck fat for flavour, a crips outer and beatutiful soft inside.