2 minutes Inspiration

Five ways to use: Belgian Waffles

An increasingly popular addition to breakfast and dessert menus, but waffles can be used in savoury dishes too!

1. Waffle bread and butter pudding – the recipe includes stem ginger and orange. Serve with whiskey ice cream or whisky custard.2. Truffle waffle croutons – cut the waffle into the squares around the original marks and dehydrate the waffle croutons for two days then lightly shallow fry them with truffle oil for fine dining salads.

3. Waffle nachos – cut the waffles into small pieces and lightly toss them in Cajun spices. Dehydrate them for approximately two days. In a sizable bowl, layer the waffle with avocado and tomato salsa, jalapenos and smoked Cheddar cheese. Place the bowl in the oven and bake until the cheese melts. Finish with sour cream and fresh coriander.

4. Chicken and waffle – a take on the highest restaurant in UK, Duck and Waffle. Use boneless chicken thighs which are slow-cooked (confit) in duck fat and aromatics. Once cooked, they are then marinated in sake, mirin, sugar and miso paste. The marinated chicken is then baked and basting in its marinade to have a finishing it needs. Serve the chicken with the waffle on a bed of pickled carrot, daikon and cucumber finished with micro coriander and spring onions.

5. Waffle as a garnish – semi-freeze the waffle and using a meat slicer to carefully slice wafer thin slices which makes a wire mash kind of look. Dehydrate the sliced waffle and use it as a tuile on desserts.