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Five Ways to Use – Cocoa Powder

Another incredible versatile product, the Country Range Cocoa Powder has a reduced fat content making it ideal for both drinking and cooking purposes.

Lacto-and-Gluten-free plus suitable for vegans, the cocoa is perfect for a warming cup of hot chocolate on a winter day, but just as impressive when used in dishes across the menu and seasons.

Guiseppe Del Grosso, lecturer at Hertford Regional College has given us five fantastic ways that Cocoa Powder can be used.

1/ Pasta Master

Remember pasta isn’t solely for savoury. Make a sweet pasta dough, add some cocoa and let your imagination run wild. It could b chocolate-filled ravioli but my all-time favourite is the sweet dough filled with mascarpone and a cherry compote.

2/ Brownies

If you’re looking for a quality chocolate cake, quality cocoa is essential and there is no better way to show off your skills than with a tray of oven-fresh brownies.

3/ Meringe Art

Get creative with your meringues and try some colourful inclusions to add vibrance and interest. Use cocoa for a chocolatey meringue masterclass.

4/ Timeless Classic

For me unbeatable and a dessert that has been very much back-on-trend in restaurants and across social media this year – quality cocoa is vital for my tasty Tiramisu.

 5/ No Flap Biscuits

Brilliant to add depth of flavour and richness to a host of your favourite biscuits and bars. I particularly enjoy adding cocoa to my flapjacks.

Lacto-and-Gluten-free plus suitable for vegans, the cocoa is perfect for a warming cup of hot chocoloate on a wintery day.

About: Guiseppe Del Grosso

With his Italian heritage fuelling his passion for the creative world of food from a young age, there was only one profession Guiseppe Del Gosso ever wanted – and that was to be a chef. With over 30 years in the hospitality and catering industry, Guiseppe worked across the sector as head chef in restaurant, hotels and golf clubs. He began teaching and passing on his skills and knowledge to the next generation of young chefs in Hertfordshire in 2009. Now Chef Lecturer at Hertfordshire Regional College, he helped guide his trio of young chefs Ramonte Harvey, Lucas Woods and Shane Hutt an impressive third-place finish in the prestigious Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2022.