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Five ways to use: Coconut Milk

By Danny Young – Craft Guild of Chefs Young National Chef of the Year finalist 2016. Coconut rice pudding Using…

Coconut rice pudding Using coconut milk is just a way of adding an extra flavour and making it a little more exciting to eat. The best way is by just replacing milk for coconut milk.   Coconut milk custard It’s a very simple change to a normal custard as you are just replacing the cow’s milk for coconut milk which will give you a more intense flavour to a traditional custard.   Coconut milk ganache Coconut and chocolate is a great old time favourite! The best way of using coconut milk in a ganache is to use a classic recipe and substitute cream for coconut milk. Also, by using a good quality dark chocolate and coconut milk means it would be ideal for vegans and other special diets such as dairy-free and lactose-free.   Smoothies By adding coconut milk to a smoothie, it will help give you an extremely fresh and creamy finish to your end product.   Baking Using coconut milk in baking is just another way of thinking outside the box and adding extra flavour to your baking in a very easy way. A great way of using coconut milk in baking would be to replace the milk in a hot milk cake with coconut milk.