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Five Ways To Use: Frozen Puff Pastry

James Brooke, chef lecturer at Coventry College shows us five creative ways to use Country Range Frozen Puff Pastry.

Making your own puff pastry can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated – so why waste valuable time when you can guarantee perfect results from frozen?Country Range Frozen Puff Pastry Blocks make life easier for busy chefs and provide an ideal base to create an array of fantastic dishes. All you have to do is roll it out to your required size, fill and glaze as required.To demonstrate its versatility, we asked James Brooke, chef lecturer at Coventry College, to unleash it on his students and come up with five
creative serving suggestions…1. Roast Roscoff onion cherry tomato and goats cheese tart tatin infused with thyme

A widely used classic this one takes the fabulous sweet Roscoff onion which is caramelised with cherry tomatoes and finished with melted goats cheese and fresh thyme. An excellent dish for all to enjoy.

2. Lamb Wellington roast shallot and redcurrant sauce

Wellingtons are always very popular on any restaurant menu. This one uses succulent lamb instead of beef, which is wrapped in pancakes to retain the moisture and protect the pastry. Served with a rich lamb sauce it’s a true gem of a main course.

3. Caramelised banana mille feuille with praline ice cream

A classic mille feuille with a modern twist pairing different textures and flavours throughout. Crisp puff pastry is layered with caramelised bananas and smooth vanilla cream and accompanied by ice cream for a great dessert which I use with my level 3 learners.

4. Pan-roast duck breast with pithivier of Leg, roast Jerusalem artichokes and buttered kale

This is usually made with frangipane (almond paste) served as a dessert. This version uses a confit of duck leg filled, scored and glazed in the same manner. This Pithivier is then served as part of a duck main course with seared breast and a rich sauce made from the bones.

5. Rhubarb and ginger Portuguese tart with rhubarb ice cream

This is a great dessert that packs a flavour punch. Our version of this custard tart uses the classic combination of rhubarb and ginger to flavour the custard. With the crisp pastry and a spoon of ice cream, this is an amazing simple dessert.