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Five Ways to Use Maple & Agave Syrup

An all-round, store cupboard hero, the Country Range Maple & Agave Syrup can quite literally do it all. Brilliant for breakfast and brunch, drinks and desserts or when used as an ingredient in bakes, dressings, sauces, marinades and more. Packed in an easy to squeeze 620g bottle and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this moreish maple and agave blend is deliciously sweet and versatile.


Yuzu is one of those very on-trend ingredients right now. Simply reduce some yuzu juice in a pan with some of the Maple & Agave Syrup until it’s just sticky and then glaze chicken, fish and vegetables before coating in seeds and herbs to add texture.


Maple and agave syrup can be a great component of a range of delicious and sticky marinades, particularly if you wanting to create a vegan marinade for vegetables or tofu. Make a lighter and tangy teriyaki-style marinade by mixing the syrup with soy sauce garlic and ginger.

Cereal Killer

Take some Country Range Oats that have been cooked in the syrup in a pan to make them sticky, drizzle them over yoghurt, berries and other seasonal fruits for a delicious, texture-filled breakfast bowl. You will never go back to serving bog-standard cereal again.

Simple & Sweet Treats

Add to oats with a little black treacle and then sandwich between softened dates before baking.


Use the syrup as a sweetener for cocktails and mocktails. Smash some lime juice quarters, add tequila and the syrup with ice, stir well and top with more lime and mint leaves for a refreshing light cocktail.

About Jake Piper

With experience working for the Ramsey Restaurant Holding Group including stints at Bread Street Kitchen, Limehouse, The Savoy and Heddon Street, Jake Piper is now Lecturer of Culinary Arts at Cambridge Regional College. Jake’s passion and dedication since joining the college has played a huge role in the college’s recent success in reaching consecutive Country Range Student Chef Challenge Finals.

Country Range Maple & Agave Syrup

Pack Size: 620g