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5 ways to use – Medium Madras Curry Powder

Madras Curry Powder is a versatile aromatic blend of spices that provides heat and a taste typical of the Madras region of India. The Country Range Medium Madras Curry Powder is a complex blend of coriander, turmeric, cumin, onion, fennel and other hot spices to give an earthy, medium-hot, fragrant powder. It can be used as a marinade overnight to allow a more intense flavour to develop, or used directly in the cooking process.

Andrew Green, chief executive of the Craft Guild of Chefs, shares his five innovative ways to use madras curry powder.

1/ Singapore Cocktail

For a twist on a traditional prawn cocktail, but on top of the layers of shredded lettuce, add fine chopped/shredded pineapple and replace the Marie Rose sauce with a curried Mayo made of Country Range Free Range Egg Mayonnaise and Country Range Medium Madras Curry Powder.

2/ Curried Parsnip Soup (V)

Sweat onions until soft but not coloured then add  Madras Curry Powder and cook out. Add diced parsnip and cook until soft. Add vegetable stock and cook for 30 minutes, blitz until smooth then adjust the seasoning. Depending on whether you would like the dish to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians you could add cream to finish off the soup. This soup will have warming heat which works really well with the sweetness of the parsnip.

3/ Madras Curry Rub

This rub is great for barbecued meats or vegetables.

Sweat off diced onions, chopped chilli, Madras Curry Powder, until soft. Add a couple of spoons of vegetable stock and mango chutney. Blitz into a paste and use as a rub for meats before you BBQ the meat, very flavoursome!

4/ Bombay Potatoes (V)

Sweat diced onions, chopped chilli, Madras Curry Powder in a little sunflower oil, add potatoes that have been cut intoquarters, stir until the potatoes have all been coated with the spices, add a little flour and the vegetable stock slowly, until a nice consistency. Cook on a low heat so that the potatoes absorb all the flavour and cook through. Great done in advance and heated through a day or so later.

5/ Spiced Madras Duck Breast

Take a duck breast, score the skin and rub the Madras Curry Powder in. Sauté or oven roast the breast for eight minutes so that it is still pink but has a delicious crispy Madras skin.

Country Range Medium Madras Curry Powder (Pack shot provided)

Pack size: 490g & 2.5kg


Andrew Green, Craft Guild of Chefs

Andrew has been the chief executive of the Craft Guild of Chefs since 2015 and is a highly respected chef with a “passion for quality”. With a long career in contract catering, from running the head office of the Daily Mail General Trust for Compass Group to his present position of group manager for independent school caterer The Brookwood Partnership, Andrew has a winning combination of strong organisational skills and a thorough understanding of the catering industry.