2 minutes Inspiration

Five ways to use: Mixed Dried Fruit

Adding mixed dried fruit to both sweet and savoury dishes is a great way of getting one of your ‘5 a day’.

1. Pain au fruit – soak the mixed fruit first in an orange and lime stock syrup. This gives the pain au fruit a superb summery twist. Serve for breakfast or with a mid-morning coffee for a quick energy boost.2. Mixed fruit upside down cake – use a normal steamed sponge cake recipe for this but added a little dry ginger to the sponge then freshly grated ginger into the mixed fruit to give it a lovely warming hit when you eat it. Serve with custard or fresh pouring cream.

3. Mixed fruit jam – prepare as you would do for normal jam, then the twist is the dried fruit instead of your normal raspberry etc. Sweet, fruity and fragrant, this beautiful spiced dried fruit jam is wonderful spread on scones, bagels or a thick slice of homemade chill and pimento bread. Great to prepare for a gift a well.

4. Quail with Madeira soaked mixed fruit chutney – prepare this sweet tangy chutney as you would any other. To add that extra little special taste, soak the mixed fruit in Madeira overnight first, you won’t be disappointed with this one!

5. Warm salad of char-grilled purple broccoli, candied walnuts and mixed fruit in a honey and cider vinaigrette – this really is a super food bowl, packed with antioxidants, great for a summer day. The honey with the mixed fruit gives a rich, a deep, toffee-like flavour, tingling with the vitality of tropical flavours, the cider then takes this all away leaving a fresh feel to the dish. You always feel a boost in energy after eating this dish.

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