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Five Ways To Use: Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

‘Chickenisation’ continues to be a big menu trend. Chicken is a great source of protein and a firm favourite with diners young and old. It’s also incredibly versatile and features in a wide range of global cuisines.

To coincide with the launch of NEW Country Range Premium Fresh Chicken Breast FIllets in 5kg trays, we asked Country Range development chef Paul Dickson to come up with five deliciously different ways to use them. Here’s what he came up with…1. Buttermilk chicken
Take a chicken breast and cut in half lengthways then marinade it in Country Range Blackened Cajun Spice Mix and buttermilk overnight. When you’re ready to cook it, remove the chicken from the marinade leaving some of the sauce on it then coat in polenta and deep fry. For a healthier version, deep fry for a shorter period then oven bake. The lactic acid in the buttermilk tenderises the chicken so you’ll have lovely tender chicken in a delicious crunchy costing.

2. Retro Chicken Kiev
Combine minced garlic, parsley and butter in a bowl, roll in to a rough sausage shape and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Using a sharp knife create a deep pocket in the chicken breast and push the chilled butter mix in to fill the pocket. Pass the breast through seasoned rice flour (gluten-free), beaten eggs and a course polenta and roasted quinoa mix. Pan fry or deep fry for 2-3 minutes to seal an oven bake for about 15 minutes to finish. Serve with greens and creamed corn.

3. Butter poached chicken
Poach chicken breasts in a pan of butter for 30 minutes ensuring the butter stays at 75ºC until the chicken is just cooked. The chicken will be soft, tender and delicious and can be served with a side of stir fried vegetables in a little Country Range Sweet & Sour Sauce.

4. Bengal chicken burger
Dust a chicken breast with Country Range Madras Spice then griddle and serve on a toasted brioche bun coated with Country Range Mango Chutney. Add some homemade rainbow slaw made with grated carrot, onion, red and white cabbage mixed with Country Range Ranch Dressing and a slice of griddled aubergine. You could also add some mint raita and this works really well in a folded naan bread.

5. Indonesian chicken
This is a great way of using the inner fillets of the chicken breast. Take the inner fillets and coat them in Country Range Coconut Milk then dip in a mixture of dried quinoa and coconut shavings then deep fry. Serve with a dipping sauce made by combining equal parts of Country Range Coconut Milk, peanut butter, a pinch of chilli and a squeeze of lime.

About Paul Dickson
Country Range development chef Paul Dickson gets chatty about chicken with these five dishes using the NEW Country Range Premium Chicken Fillets. Quality chicken can make or break a dish and the new Country Range fillets are calibrated to ensure each breast is uniform and fully traceable back to the farm it was reared on.

Country Range Chicken Fillets come in 2 x 5kg trays each containing 22-24 fillets weighing between 200-230g.