2 minutes Inspiration

Five ways to use: Round Grain Rice

The most mundane store cupboard ingredient can often be transformed into a plethora of deliciously different dishes with a bit of imagination and creativity.

Take round grain rice for example.  This unsung hero has a greater capacity than other rice varieties for absorbing aromas and flavours, and can become the star of the show with a bit of thought, as Robbie Phillips, lecturer in professional cookery at City of Glasgow College demonstrates.

  1. Smoking – try mixing rice with some tea and cinnamon to produce a beautifully aromatic smoke, which is particularly tasty when used for game or oily fish.  My favourite is Scottish mackerel served with pickled fennel and aioli.
  2. Black rice – cook with some white wine and fish stock just like risotto, with the addition of squid ink for rice which is full of flavour and visually striking.  Serve with poached white fish and wilted greens for maximum contrast.
  3. Rice pudding croquette – round grain rice is soft, luxurious and creamy when cooked.  The grains cling together allowing you to coat with breadcrumbs and deep fry.  Try adding toasted hazelnuts, lemon and a hint of thyme for an interesting take on a classic dessert.
  4. Traditional baked rice pudding – a simple, classical pudding which is sure to evoke childhood memories.  Warm and comforting on cold winter days.  Serve with poached fruits, a big spoonful of homemade jam or add some grated ginger for a zingy alternative.
  5. Toasted rice – toast rice and crush to a coarse powder.  I keep it ready and waiting in the store cupboard alongside peanuts and crispy onions to add great texture and a lovely savoury note to Thai salad or stir fry.
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