2 minutes Product Updates

Fry Roll Out At The Double

We’re thrilled to announce three new super-spud products as we head into winter. Guaranteeing chefs from the public sector and hospitality kitchens of all sizes have an unbeatable, taste-rich fry, the new trio have an innovative coating that delivers the unique Country Range ‘Double Crunch’.

With invincible crunch-staying power making them a great fit for kitchens offering takeaway, food-to-go or room-service, the new selection is available in 4 x 2.5kg catering boxes and are gluten-free and pre-fried in sunflower oil instead of palm oil. Joining the 10mm Double Crunch Skin-On Fries, 14mm Double Crunch Fries and 19mm Triple Cooked Chunky Fries that have generated legions of fans since launch in the spring, the new threesome joining the Country Range portfolio includes:


NEW Country Range Double Crunch Seasoned Wedges

Immense for sides, sharing platters or alongside classic burgers, these extra thick-cut, mouth-wateringly, wicked wedges are given an extra coating of batter for double the crunch. Made with the flavoursome Fontane potatoes, they are lightly seasoned and will hold their crunch for 40 minutes.


NEW AND IMPROVED Country Range Double Crunch Sweet Potato Fries

A solution to the shockingly soggy, sweet potato fries saturating the market in recent times, these thin cut sweet potato fries have a double dose of our unique invisible batter, they are the captain of crunch. Made with Beauregard thin-cut sweet potatoes, they come lightly seasoned and will hold their crunch for over 20 minutes.


NEW Country Range Double Crunch Shoestring Fries

Delicately seasoned, these sensational 7mm shoestring fries are made with Fontane potatoes for a consistent year-round flavour and will keep their crunch for over 40 minutes once out of the oven or frying pan.