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Get creative this Cupcake Week!

For one whole week, cupcakes are guilt-free!

An ever popular dessert or teatime treat, cupcakes can be as simple or elaborate as you make them. We’re even seeing cupcakes replace traditional wedding cakes. We’ve plenty of products and recipes to help inspire your customers to make the most out of National Cupcake Week (19th to 25th September), simply visit our RECIPES page.Using Plain Muffin Mix (3.5kg) simply bake in a cupcake tray, top with buttercream and then add colour, texture or indulgence by using our selection of edible decorations and Belgian Cooking Chocolate Drops (2.5kg).

For mocha cupcakes, add a splash of coffee to buttercream icing and smother over Chocolate Muffin Mix (3.5kg).