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Get more prawns for your pennies

We’ve changed the labels on Country Range North Atlantic Prawns to follow new glaze weight legislation making it easier for customers to…

In line with new rules around the pack weight of frozen seafood products, Country Range North Atlantic Prawns now state net weight only. This makes it easier for you to see the true weight of prawns per bag (excluding the water), once de-glazed.Whilst some glaze is necessary to protect the integrity of the product, excessive levels may be a way of reducing the price of a bag, making them seem good value to caterers. There are products in the marketplace which contain up to 40% glaze levels – the equivalent of 40% of the bag being just frozen water whereas Country Range Premium North Atlantic Prawns (100/200 count) contain a 10% glaze.Once defrosted, prawns with a higher glaze can work out more expensive per serving. This is because the percentage of water in the bags has no value and caterers will simply dispose of it. So if you want more prawns for your pennies, then Country Range Premium North Atlantic Prawns are a must-have in your freezers and on your menus.• Premium North Atlantic Prawns 1.8kg net (10% Glaze)
• North Atlantic Prawns
1.5kg net (25% Glaze)