4 minutes Inspiration

Hello Summer

With summer already here you don’t just need to rely on the good weather as a reason to celebrate! This month there are a lot of food and drink celebration days, here are just some of our favourites this June!

10th June – Gin Day!

While people are tipping rum to reign this year as the hottest drink of the summer, gin’s popularity won’t be disappearing any time soon so make the most of National Gin Day celebrations on the 10th June. It could be some new cocktail serves for a gin garden party or with retro desserts which are definitely in-vogue, why not try this stupendously stunning Gin & Tonic Trifle.

15th June – World Tapas Day!

There is no doubt that Spain’s cuisine has been one of the key trends of the last decade with chefs such as José Pizarro and Nieves Barragán, plus restaurants like Iberica, Barrafina, Brindisa, Lunya, Bar 44 and Sabor, helping to raise the profile of the country’s food and drink – and especially the tasty tapas.

Literally meaning lid, it is thought that tapas first came about in Andalucía when drinkers asked for a lid on their glass to stop the fruit flies spoiling their special sherry. A plate was placed on top as a barrier and soon, small morsels of food or tapa found their way onto the small plates. Just like that, tapas was born and in the last few years small plates have been integrated in to many other cuisines.

So, as World Tapas Day is celebrated on the 15th June, it’s a great time to lift the lid on these small pleasure plates and we have some Span-tastic products to help you get involved. Our shoestring fries are fantastic for the tavern favourite Huevos Rotos (broken eggs on chips) or for the ultimate Croquetas, our creamy white bechamel sauce mix is the perfect, easy-to-use ingredient. You just need some of our Country Range Breadcrumbs and maybe some jamon, cheese or even some salt cod for a serving of small plate bliss.

17th to the 25th June – Picnic Week!

There may have been a time when a picnic was a strictly BYO occasion but not anymore. Cafés, restaurants, pubs and hotels have all upped their game to cater for the outdoor enthusiasts and picnickers. Whether it’s smaller snacks and drinks, sandwiches, our award-winning Cornish pasties, pastries or even something a little more indulgent involving afternoon tea, cakes and fizz, make sure the menu is filled with some basket pleasers to entice.

With Picnic Week taking place at the end of the month, it’s now time to bring out your picnic ‘A’ game and there is no reason why care homes, schools, colleges and even hospitals can’t get in on the picnic act too. Remember that a picnic doesn’t have to mean going miles away, it’s just a great way to allow guests to enjoy and eat in the fresh air so make sure you have portable picnic options available. These Japanese-inspired cauliflower katsu noodles are a fab food-to-go option, provide a burst of global flavours and also tick the plant based box.

Pistachio Cupcakes

To add some sweet nutty glitz to the occasion, how about these charming colourful cupcakes made with pistachios? Tipped as a nut on the rise in 2023 due to their fantastic flavour, visual appeal and versatility, these pristine pistachio picnic pleasers are a sure-fire summer slam dunk.

18th June – Father’s Day!

Get the beers in for Dad! Let’s make this year’s occasion a day to rival Mother’s Day by making it pop for papa. For the ale-loving dad, why not knock up this beer-infused casserole.