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How to Cater to the Grab & Go Market

For caterers all over the country, the food-to-go market is presenting a remarkable opportunity. The modern consumer is now busier than they’ve ever been before, struggling to find time for their hectic working and personal lives on a seemingly daily basis. Of course, in the midst of such a chaotic lifestyle, setting aside 20 minutes to prepare a healthy lunch can soon seem completely out of the question.

Due to the rapid rise of mobile technology, today’s workers feel as though they’re always on the clock, now expected to pick up emails over the evenings and weekends. In the face of such whirlwind working practises, consumers are inevitably looking for quick, convenient food options which allow them to eat while still on the go.By working with bulk food wholesalers and crafting a menu which is packed with nutrition, caterers can use this growing food trend to stay ahead of the competition this summer. Following the introduction of our new fillings, salads and dips range, Country Range can help you jump on the bandwagon and attract this growing demographic.

What is the ‘Grab & Go’ Trend?

Let’s face it, modern society can become a little chaotic at times. In fact, many people can work themselves into the ground by trying to cram so much into a single day, with a large number of professionals attempting to juggle a heavy workload, family responsibilities and personal hobbies every single day.

When people are so busy, they inevitably have little time to prepare their own meals, which is exactly why ‘grab-and-go’ foodservice has become so popular in recent times. However, consumers are no longer interested in the typical fast food options out there, and instead, want to enjoy premium alternatives which allow them to eat around their busy lifestyles.

In the UK, this food-to-go market is currently valued at around £20 billion—with this figure only expected to rise in the near future. Currently one of the biggest food trends in the country, the convenience behind grab-and-go is what’s proving so popular with consumers, and caterers are now desperately trying to make an impact in this booming marketplace.

How Caterers Can Stand Out in a Busy Market

Although there’s no question that consumer demand is changing, providing grab-and-go options will present you with one very important problem: the competition has never been fiercer. As this particular market continues to grow, so does the number of caterers and restaurants attempting to appeal to this busy demographic.

When trying to establish themselves in the grab-and-go market, caterers obviously need to make sure they stand out and grab the attention of the consumer. It’s safe to say that serving up cold sausage rolls and ham sandwiches simply just isn’t good enough anymore, as consumers instead want to enjoy innovative, nutritional meals while on-the-go.

Although many commuters still prefer traditional lunch options – such as sandwiches, salads or wraps – they now expect to see exciting new fillings and exotic dips. While our selection of fillings is by no means exclusive to these lunch options, they can be used to turn classic lunch favourites into tantalising grab and go options that can be enjoyed around a busy lifestyle.

Consumers want to grab something that’s easy to eat but also boasts a certain sense of originality, and it’s up to caterers to provide a menu which satisfies those two requirements. By ordering some of our dips, salads and fillings, caterers can achieve exactly that.

Craft Your Own Premium Menu with Country Range

As we’ve already said, sandwiches, wraps and salads have become staple features of every self-respecting food-to-go menu, and our new range of 17 fillings, salads and dips ensures you can offer huge amounts of variety. From Supreme Chicken Tikka and Insauce Pulled BBQ Pork to Premium Tuna Mayonnaise and Luxury Coleslaw, Country Range’s fillings, salads and dips are packed with flavour and made with fresh, nutritional ingredients.

In addition to satisfying consumers’ food cravings, these premium fillings will ultimately help you to create something a little bit different and stand out from your competitors. Due to the rise of street food, diners are undoubtedly placing a preference on gourmet fillings, so it’s absolutely crucial for caterers to make sure their menu meets these rising expectations.

Our fillings don’t just come pre-cooked and ready to use (which saves caterers a great deal of time), they’re also designed to create a more homemade and premium feel. For example, we use sliced chicken instead of diced in all of our chicken fillings, which looks more visually appealing to diners and allows caterers to premiumise their dishes without cooking chicken from scratch.

Create Healthier Food to Go Options

The grab-and-go trend is particularly popular with busy professionals in search of a quick working lunch. However, many fast foods are packed with saturated fats and will inevitably make them feel lethargic in the afternoon, which is why so many workers now demand healthier alternatives. By creating a menu which is high in both nutrition and convenience, caterers can start to make a real impact on this competitive market.

Caterers can use many of our new fillings, salads and dips as a base to create healthier grab and go options, and we’ve even put together some exciting recipe ideas to give you a spark of inspiration. From the Cajun Chicken and Pepper Fajitas to Supreme Chicken Tikka Layered Salad Boxes, our fantastic selection helps you serve up more inventive meal options which are bound to capture diners’ imaginations.

If your menu is healthy, convenient and, more importantly, downright delicious, then consumers will soon be flooding through your doors to place an order. Explore our exciting new range of fillings and dips today, or check out our suggested recipes to find out how these products can improve your menu. If you want to learn more about our fantastic food products then contact us at hello@countryrange.co.uk today!