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Introducing Our New Soft Cheeses and Yogurts Range

Packed with vitamins and valuable nutrients, dairy should be a key component of every caterer’s kitchen. Due to the rapid rise of vegetarianism, the use of dairy ingredients has only grown in importance in recent times, with those following a completely meat-free diet now relying on milk-based products as a source of protein and vitamin B12.
Perhaps more importantly, dairy adds a unique flavour and freshness to the items on your menu, with the creamy textures and tangy tastes helping you to create some truly special dishes. In addition to providing diners with all manner of health benefits, caterers can use dairy to create exciting new recipes and really stand out from their competitors.At Country Range we’ve now expanded our dairy offering, and we’re delighted to introduce our brand new selection of soft cheese and yogurt products. This exciting new range is packed with nutrients and natural goodness, with each item made from high-quality milk, which has been sourced from within 25 miles of the production site – meaning that everything is extremely fresh. 

Made up of seven fantastic products, our new range includes the following:


Country Range Natural Yogurt

A healthier, lighter option for making toppings, smoothies and marinade, our new natural yogurt is a versatile addition to every kitchen.


Country Range Greek Style Natural Yogurt

Our Greek style natural yogurt is much creamier and more indulgent, coming packed with nutrients and providing the perfect ingredient for creating healthy, creamy desserts.


Country Range Full Fat Soft Cheese

High in protein, our new soft spreadable cheese can be used to thicken up pasta, soup and moussaka dishes and also for topping sandwiches and bagels.


Country Range Luxury Full Fat Soft Cheese

Alternatively, our luxury soft cheese is thicker, creamier and richer, which makes it ideal for making delicious desserts (such as cheesecake), frostings, sandwiches and sauces.


Country Range Crème Fraiche

Our new crème fraiche is perfect for creating luxury sauces, dips and desserts, along with all manner of pasta, soup and chicken dishes.


Country Range Set Soured Cream

Most closely associated with Mexican cuisine, our delicious soured cream can be used as a great topping on a variety of spicy, cool and sweet dishes.


Country Range Mascarpone

A famous ingredient of tiramisu, our new mascarpone can add a new rich, creamy and flavourful component to a range of sweet and savoury dishes.

Each product in our new soft cheeses and yogurt range comes in a 2kg resealable plastic tub to keep everything fresh, while each tub is also colour-coded so you can always keep on top of what each one contains. These new items are ideal for creating both sweet and savoury dishes, along with a variety of mouth-watering dips, sauces and dressings. In fact, we’ve even put together a few recipe ideas to give you a quick spark of inspiration and help you create some delicious new meals!

Browse our new selection of dairy products today and finally freshen up your menu, or maybe check out our other ranges to see why Country Range is such a renowned and popular bulk food wholesaler. For any enquiries, please contact us at hello@countryrange.co.uk!