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Live and Let Pie

Live and let pie – 1st -7th March

When it comes to handheld food and savoury snacks, the humble pie has to be one of the world’s most famous and age-old pieces of gastronomical creativity and design. Sweet or savoury with an endless list of fillings, pies are thought to have been first eaten by the Egyptians in the 5th century BC. The Greeks were the next pie-oneers to realise the pleasure and introduced the concept of pastry before the Roman conquest helped boost the fame of this novel and functional snack spread
yet again.

Fast forward to present times and the pie continues to be a proud part of the nation’s weekly diet with around 75% of us enjoying at least one pie a month1. The ultimate and versatile hot grub, pies are the perfect on-the-go snack for lunch, dinner or even dessert so it’s no surprise that the industry in the UK alone is worth over £1 billion.

As British Pie Week kicks off again on the 1st March, chefs and caterers across the foodservice marketplace have a fantastic opportunity to claim a ‘piece of the pie’ and showcase their skills and imagination. Whether it’s by utilising the latest seasonal produce or adding global flavours, the forever improving Country Range portfolio has always put pies on a pedestal. Sweet and savoury finished pies and pasties are available for convenience but the unbeatable range also includes a vast selection of fillings, flours, seasonings, spices and other special ingredients for those looking to make the perfect pie from scratch.

Our development chef Paul Dickson has utilised a whole host of Country Range ingredients including Country Range Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets, Puff Pastry Block and Chicken Bouillon Paste  to create these amazing Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pies. As they are created in individual portions, they’re perfect as a takeaway or delivered main course option with a variety of sides, they can also be made in advance and frozen for use later.

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