3 minutes Inspiration

Making Ends Meet June 2024


As we officially enter the summer months, BBQ culture is in full swing, and with National BBQ Week early this month, Paul Dickson explores this opportunity by creating smoky, sizzling flavours both on and off the grill.

From tender ribs to juicy brisket, the sizzle of meat meeting flame, the aroma of charcoal and the communal joy of sharing a meal outdoors epitomise BBQ culture. But it’s not just the act of cooking over flames that gives us that taste of summer, it’s the delicious marinades, salads and condiments that tickle the tastebuds and make BBQ style food delicious whether cooked inside or out, which is just as well considering our unpredictable weather!

Something on the side

Dips and sauces can absolutely make or break a customer’s decision to select a menu item. They can even be added as an upsell feature, particularly on grill menus, so it’s well worth investing some time and creativity in elevating your selection this summer. Flavoured mayos are popular and easy to make, simply add a spice or even some ready to use sauce to elevate sandwiches, burgers, fries, and more. Katsu curry is on trend at the moment and I love the Country Range award-winning sauce. Add a little of this to your mayo for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Or why not continue the smoky flavours of BBQ through to your mayo by adding one of my favourite spices, smoked paprika. Don’t forget that you can swap to vegan mayo too.

It’s all Greek to me

For the perfect handheld BBQ option, we can learn a thing or two from the Greeks. Gyros stands are popping up at festivals everywhere and for good reason, as they offer a complete tasty meal wrapped up in a soft flatbread or wrap. Try my chicken gyros recipe, with juicy chicken marinated in oregano, chillies, coriander, cumin, smoked paprika and cinnamon and packed into a wrap with salad and tzatziki. To elevate it to the next level, add Signature by Country Range Sidewinders® instead of the traditional chips. Trust me on this one, it’s a whole new level of delicious!

Spice up your salmon

Of course, BBQ season isn’t just about meat, with vegetables increasingly becoming the star of the show. But don’t forget about your fish option. Nothing beats the smell of mackerel sizzling away on the grill to transport guests to a Mediterranean seaside restaurant. But you can’t beat salmon for its versatility, as it stands up to so many punchy flavours. Try my sriracha sauce which works brilliantly with salmon on the grill. Serve with on-trend noodles for a dish that will work equally as a menu special or an outdoor street-food option.