2 minutes Inspiration

Making Ends Meet May 2024

With Sandwich Week taking place between 22nd – 28th May, Paul Dickson focuses on getting the most out of bread in your kitchen. The classic sandwich is something that we can often take for granted, but every now and again it’s a good idea to revisit your sarnie offering and appreciate the appeal and convenience of this versatile and beloved light meal. What shouldn’t be overlooked is the cost-saving opportunity involved in these bread-based snacks, let alone the up-sell opportunities such as adding soup or a side of chips to create a more substantial meal.

Supersize your toastie

Toasted cheese sandwiches are a comfort food classic for all ages. Easily customisable for your audience, you can stick with simple ingredients or make them gourmet by switching to special cheese blends or including high-end additions. Lobster toastie, anyone? If you get creative, you can turn this snack into a main menu item that customers keep coming back for.

A Magnifique Madame!

Don’t overlook your breakfast and brunch menu when giving your sandwiches a makeover. French influences such as pastries and the classic Croque Monsieur are often featured, but less common is the Croque Madame. This French delicacy elevates the humble ham and cheese sandwich to gourmet heights, featuring ham and Gruyere cheese sandwiched between slices of crusty bread, topped with bechamel sauce and crowned with a fried or poached egg. Indulgently rich and satisfying, it’s a staple of Parisian café culture.

Give Tuna the Italian Job

When you’re refreshing your sandwich offering, I suggest keeping an eye on the cuisines that are generally trending, which might just give you the inspiration to put a twist on one or two of your menu staples. The tuna melt has been a favourite on many a school, café or pub menu for years. Why not add the familiar Mediterranean flavours of Italy to create a delightful fusion of savoury, tangy and cheesy goodness. Bellissimo!