1 minute Inspiration

National BBQ Week – 2-11 July

The BBQ is another occasion that has been given a foodie makeover in recent years and the days of over-charred, undercooked sausages and burgers only identifiable by dental records are thankfully over. Cooking over fire is now revered as an art form by chefs and consumers alike so make sure you don’t disappoint! Here’s some pointers to ensure your BBQ offering is smoking hot this National BBQ Week and beyond.

Mix up the menu – the variety of ingredients cooked over coals is expanding every year so there really are no limits. Look at different meats, fish, vegetables and cuts. Try our BBQ Chicken Wings for the stress-free option or try our Curried BBQ Chicken recipe.

Rubs and marinades – vital for infusing flavour and adding international colour into dishes. Try our Homemade BBQ Sauce recipe which is great as a marinade or dipping sauce.

Choose your fuel wisely – wood and coal will add so much more to the final flavour.

US theme – take advantage of the Independence Day celebrations this month with some classic American-inspired dishes and flavours.

Sides, salads and sauces – the glue that binds the BBQ and add real texture and colour.