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New From Country Range April 2024

Bank holidays, picnics, barbecues and a burst of new season ingredients make May the lift off point for the alfresco season, so it’s the last chance to refine your menu ahead of the summer.

Upcoming Food Days This Month

Cinco de Mayo – 5th May

With Mexican food plus iconic drinks like tequila and mezcal booming, Cinco de Mayo presents a great chance to be the controlling cartel of the finest Mexican menu in your area this May. Commemorating Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is often marked in a bigger way outside of Mexico than within the country. The day really started to gain traction as a celebration for Mexicans who had emigrated to the USA, it then grew to become an internationally recognised Mexican occasion.

Our top-notch tortillas, sublime salsas, seasonings and sauces, hot and juicy jalapeños and kidney beans are the foundations and finishes to so many Mexican classics. Why not spice it up Mexican style at breakfast this year? This Mexican Baked Eggs recipe uses a few store cupboard basics and is a bonified breakfast beauty. Experiment with cheaper cuts of meat for unique and cost effective, slow cooked tacos or try in-season seafood as a point of difference.

International Hummus Day – 13th May

While many countries lay claim to being the birthplace of hummus, the common consensus seems to be that no one really knows for sure. What we do know with absolute certainty is that this luscious legume mash is delicious, versatile, cheap to make and extremely good for you. Our Country Range Chickpeas just need to be blitzed along with some tahini, lemon juice, salt, olive oil and garlic for a super snack, side, starter or sharer. For a hummus twist, why not create this Butternut Squash Hummus for International Hummus Day.

World Bee Day – 20th May

Playing a vital role in pollinating our wild plants, trees and flowers, even Albert Einstein was a fan of bees, pronouncing that the human race wouldn’t last long once they were gone. So, with bees under threat, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness and do all we can to help them flourish. A great educational theme for schools in May, World Bee Day presents a great opportunity to get your kitchen buzzing. For a nutritious snack, how about these honey roasted mixed nuts or this indulgent spiced Bombay toast dish layered with mango, banana, honey and cardamom flavours.

National BBQ Week – 27th May to 2nd June

The smell of charcoal and wood is in the air so it’s time to turn up the heat on your BBQ plans for the summer. With National BBQ Week kicking off at the end of the month and fire cooking one of the standout trends in hospitality, it’s time to up your game and perfect your menu. Our Country Range burgers, sausages, bacon and chicken provide the ultimate protein for the flames and our colossal collection of spices, seasonings, herbs, dressings, sauces, mayo and pickles offer an unassailable selection for marinading, infusing and finishing dishes.

Our spice of the month is Country Range Blackened Cajun Seasoning which is a match made in heaven with the BBQ. Why not use it to create this delicious Blackened Cajun BBQ Chicken.