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New From Country Range April 2024

Every chef has a little extra spring in their step in April as a glorious assortment of new seasonal ingredients alongside some warmer weather helps to transform menus and the dining experience for guests. So, as the season for socialising really takes off, we’re delighted to roll out a new tantalisingly tasty trio of sweets this spring including our first ever Signature dessert.

Spring Time Treats

Created with the latest consumer trends in mind, the new desserts are available immediately and all offer a slice of the sublime for summer. The new threesome just needs to be thawed overnight before serving and includes:

Signature by Country Range Chocolate and Marmalade Marble Cake

Two layers of chocolate and orange hand swirled marbled sponge, filled with Seville orange marmalade and an orange cream, finished with Belgian chocolate buttercream and decorated with chocolate orange segments.

Country Range Sour Cherry Meringue Pie

Following hot on the heels of our Cherry Pie that launched last year and saw incredible demand, this next cherry spectacle showcases crisp sweet pastry that is filled with a sour cherry fruit filling before being topped with a crisp yet fluffy meringue.

Country Range Tropical Cheesecake

We’ve continuously raised the cheesecake bar these past few years and 2024 will be no different with the launch of this new truly tropical cheesecake. A coconut digestive biscuit base is topped with white chocolate enriched cheesecake filling before being loaded with a luscious layer of pineapple compote.

Introducing Our New Cookie Puck’s

Our trio of Country Range Cookie Pucks have been one of our most successful launches since they rolled out in the summer of 2022 so we’re ecstatic to further enhance the collection with two amazing new varieties available this spring.

Delivering high calibre cookies each and every time, the Country Range Cookie Puck collection provides a simple, fast, easy and delicious way for caterers and chefs to offer freshly baked seasonal cookies, straight from the oven. Providing that unbeatable fresh cookie smell and taste, the dough can also be used as an ingredient in wide range of dazzling desserts. Try the dough in its raw form with ice cream, make your own cookie butter, use as a crumble for toppings or even for ice cream sandwiches this summer.

The two new variations include:

Country Range Oat, Lemon and Raisin Cookie Pucks

Rolled oats, Sicilian lemon oil and chewy raisins make this on-trend puck perfect for a slightly healthier and chocolate free delight.

Country Range Speculaas Spiced Cookie Pucks

Traditionally made and enjoyed in the Flanders region of Belgium, Speculaas are a spiced biscuit that have long been a favourite seasonal treat across Europe. Made with a spice mix combining cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg to name a few, the new Speculaas Spiced Cookie Pucks are perfect alongside hot drinks.

Upcoming Food Days This Month

Day Of The Mushroom – 16th April

The first forage-able mushrooms of the year such as the St George’s mushroom will start to show their faces this month and with the Day of the Mushroom celebrated on the 16th – to steal an advertising slogan – it’s time to make room for the mushroom this April!

There are so many different varieties. You can grill, fry, stuff, bake or dehydrate them and they can be used in everything from stews, breakfasts, soups, sauces, pastas, risottos, salads, toppings, teas and even desserts. For a mesmerising mushroom masterpiece, why not whizz up this Mushroom, Butternut Squash and Spring Onion Korma using our Korma Curry Sauce.

Stop Food Waste Day – 24th April

Huge progress has been made by chefs up and down the country when it comes to reducing food waste. Whether it’s utilising scraps for stocks, making new dishes with leftovers, freezing, pickling or fermenting, reducing food waste isn’t just good for the environment but it is good for the bottom line too. With Asian flavours and Korean food seeing strong interest from chefs these past few years and gut health now very much on everyone’s radar, try this glorious gut-boosting, waste-reducing and dish-enhancing Kimchi recipe.