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New From Country Range January / February 2024

With so many to choose from and so many ways to prepare, flavour, season, combine and cook, unleash your creativity on fresh vegetables this Veganuary.

A wonderful way to showcase your plant-based talent, vegetables are the ultimate low-cost ingredient that can quite easily be the star attraction at breakfast, lunch or dinner. With our selection of spices, stocks, seasonings and sauces on hand, nothing has to go to waste. Peels and scraps can be utilised for stocks and older vegetables can be pickled or fermented to ensure you use every last vegetable scrap in 2024.

For an ingenious way to use chickpeas this Veganuary while ensuring absolutely nothing goes to waste, follow our step-by-step recipe to make versatile aquafaba (the liquid that can be drained from a can of legumes or reserved after cooking legumes) vegan mayo and serve with these flavour-packed chickpea fritters.

Step by Step Aquafaba Vegan Mayo

Delightful New Products

A nostalgic classic for millions, we’re delighted to announce the return of our much-loved Delight Mixes ahead of 2024.

Popular across foodservice but especially within the education and care sectors, the new and improved Delight Mixes come in Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana flavours. Easy to ‘pimp up’ and decorate with fruit, nuts and sprinkles depending on the season or occasion, they can even be used as an ingredient to make showstopping masterpieces such as strawberry cheesecake or on trend banoffee trifle. Available in 600g packs, the tasty trio just need to be whipped and served to provide a timeless and tasty sweet treat.

Elevate Your Sides

If you’re looking at refreshing your menu for the year ahead, don’t overlook those all-important sides. Made from specially selected potatoes and with an invisible coating, our Signature Double Crunch fries are consistent in size and hold their crunch for 40 seconds, making them perfect for foodservice. They’re delicious simply served with dips, but for a great upsell opportunity, load them up with seasonal flavours throughout the year. With Chinese New Year coming up on 10th February, celebrate with this Hoisin Crispy Duck Loaded Fries recipe. Kung hei fat choi!

The range each comes in 2.5kg bags and includes:

  • Double Crunch Skin On Fries 10mm
  • Double Crunch Straight Cut Fries 14mm
  • Double Crunch Triple Cooked Chunky Fries 19mm
  • Double Crunch Shoestring Fries 7mm
  • Double Crunch Sweet Potato Fries
  • Double Crunch Seasoned Potato Wedges
  • Double Crunch Seasoned Waffle Fries

Upcoming Food Celebrations!

Burns’ Night 24th January

One of the biggest celebrations in the Scottish calendar, there are plenty of classic dishes that can be made to tip your hat to the Scots. Haggis often steals the show, but Black Buns, Dundee Cake and Clootie Dumplings can all be made for the celebrations. For a boozy sweet treat, why not add Cranachan to the menu, which can be made using our Country Range Oat Flakes and Frozen Raspberries?

Valentines Day 14th February

Valentine’s day is the first big international occasion of the year, as people stir from social hibernation and splash out on a loved one. If it’s a quiet and gloomy January, make sure you have your cupid’s bow at the ready to capture the love birds. Whether it’s a special event, exclusive menu or a selection of love themed dishes for the day, give your guests and customers a reason to indulge. For a romantic and interactive sharing option, why not make it a fun-do with some fondue? Sweet or savoury, chocolate or cheese – it has to be the most seductive self-service around.

Cornish Past Week 26th February to 3rd March

Taking place at the end of February, Cornish Pasty Week is the perfect opportunity to highlight your pasty prowess. The Country Range pantry of flour, butter, pastry, spices and seasonings has everything you need to devise a bespoke pasty to promote for the occasion. For chefs without the time to cook from scratch, our award-winning Cornish Pasty and Vegan Pasty are powerful performers across the catering sector. Produced at source in Cornwall using the finest ingredients and authentic recipes, this pasty pair offer absolute provenance and are even lovingly hand crimped.