3 minutes Product Updates

New From Country Range October 2023

With a super spud selection imperative to success in catering, we’re delighted to fortify our portfolio with a pair of new and innovative potato pleasers.

Providing chefs with variety, choice and quality solutions for every occasion throughout the day and night, the new Potato Halos and Potato Crunchies are made with the latest tato-tech and the best British spuds to ensure a long-lasting crunch, sensational soft centres and exquisite flavour.

NEW – Potato Halos

Combining everything that we love about onion rings and hash browns, these crispy coated rings of goodness are filled with potato and onion. Allergen free and suitable for vegans, they’re the perfect shape to enhance burgers and breakfast sandwiches. Or why not stack with cheese and gravy for the ultimate dirty side?

NEW – Potato Crunchies

The immense joy of a hash brown in miniature, these versatile, crunchy coated potato bites can be baked as well as fried, making them a great option for children’s menus. Allergen-free and suitable for vegans, their uniform size also makes portion control that bit easier. Load them up with Country Range salsa, sliced gherkins and jalapenos or as we’re in the season for winter comfort food, try creating a striking topping for your favourite casserole or pie recipe.

New Festive Treats – Country Range Christmas Product Preview

While your Christmas planning may be well underway, here’s a sneak peak at some scintillating sweets that will be rolling out from Country Range HQ in time for the festive season of indulgence.

Country Range Gingerbread Cake

Three layers of ginger infused sponge filled with maple flavoured frosting and drizzled with caramel – a cake you definitely want to catch this Christmas. What’s more, it’s suitable for vegans, making it a versatile crowd-pleaser.

Country Range Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

A vegan-friendly, chocolate enriched, orange flavoured cheesecake on a chocolate and polenta biscuit base. Topped with a layer of orange flavoured jelly and covered in dark chocolate ganache.

Country Range Chocolate, Cherry and Rum Tart

This boozy on-trend tart features chocolate pastry filled with dark cherry compote and Belgian chocolate ganache, before being finished with dark chocolate shavings.

Celebrate October’s Food Days!

Apple Day – 21st October

Go hardcore this Apple Day with an apple menu to astonish and awe. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and flavour profiles, apples can be utilised throughout the menu and with the British apple season at its peak, there is no better time to give in to apple temptation.

Apple & celeriac is a wonderfully warming soup combo for Autumn, apple stir fry or apple rice is a creative way of using up leftovers and as for sweets and snacks – there’s pies, tarts, turnovers, crumbles – the list goes on and on. For an on-trend brunch or dessert idea, try the latest Tik Tok craze for flattened croissants with a delicious apple topping.

World Pasta Day – 25th October

With World Pasta Day taking place on the 25th October, it’s an opportune time to master your pasta. The ultimate fast food, pasta is as versatile as it is tasty with over 350 different types available. Pasta is the perfect dish to use seasonal ingredients and this Farfalle dish is a delicious way to use in-season butternut squash, mushroom and broccoli.