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New From Country Range September 2023

Every school year brings new challenges and opportunities for chefs working in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, whether it’s new government legislation, keeping up with trends, furthering sustainable practices, reducing waste or limiting the damage from the difficult economic conditions affecting food prices and consumer spend. Finding the right balance between exciting, flavourful food and nutrition will once again be key and we have the solutions to help you achieve A*s while also keeping a tight rein on the costs.

World Food Education

With the next generation being exposed to far more global dishes and cuisines from an early age, canteens in the education sector have truly become international flavour playgrounds. Alongside British classics, Italian, Indian, American, Chinese, Thai and Greek dishes are all playing a role in menus so there is a great opportunity to take pupil’s taste buds to new destinations.

With many current chefs including Gareth Ward from Ynyshir being influenced by Japanese ingredients and flavours, we’re tipping the land of the rising sun to be a blossoming trend area and are delighted to roll out a new delicious double act to put the mighty Katsu Curry on school menus across the UK and Ireland. A Japanese dish that is believed to have originated in the middle of the last century, Katsu Curry usually features a Tonkatsu – a pork cutlet encrusted in panko breadcrumbs which is then served with rice and a Katsu curry sauce, however chicken or vegetables can be prepared in the same way.

The New Country Range Katsu Curry Sauce – 2.3KG Tub

A fantastic addition to our global Cooking Sauces range, our new Katsu Curry Sauce is a sweeter, Japanese style curry sauce that is now widely seen on the high street. It’s suitable for vegans and great to accompany a wide array of vegetables or meat.

Coming Soon Country Range Panko Breadcrumbs – 1KG KG AND 10KG PACKS

Often the breadcrumbs of choice in the fine dining world, panko breadcrumbs absorb less oil than regular breadcrumbs ensuring a lighter, supremely crunchy, golden finish every time. Brilliant for classic Japanese dishes like the Katsu Curry or deep-fried shrimp, they are just as good in scotch eggs, chicken Kyiv, fish cakes, croquettes, onion rings and lots more. Look out for this new addition to the range later this month.

We have a pair of recipes for you to try combining our new Panko Breadcrumbs and Katsu Curry Sauce. Firstly, this take on a chicken Kyiv with an oozing Katsu centre is sure to delight diners. Serve with a coconut curry sauce, using our Katsu Curry Sauce as a base. And coconut also features in these rice balls, using coconut rice wrapped around a Katsu centre. In both cases, we add Country Range Desiccated Coconut to the Panko Breadcrumbs to give extra flavour and even more crunch.

Make The Most Of Cake Week – 5th September

With Cake Week commencing on the 5th September, it’s time to get your bake on and impress your guests and customers. You could take advantage of the latest seasonal pickings such as the bountiful blackberries or even utilise some of the glut of vegetables from your kitchen garden. How about trying this tasty courgette cake?

Celebrate Bake to School!

Earlier this year we rolled out our new Crème Cake Mixes and also reformulated our bread, sponge and pudding mixes to conform to the 2024 HFSS salt guidelines. Immensely versatile and created for makers, the magical mixes can be used to bake the most glorious bread and all manner of sweet treats from tray bakes, sheet cakes, loaf cakes and muffins to round cakes, cupcakes, steam puddings, brownies and so much more. Why not try this classic butterfly bun recipe to kick off the school year in style?