2 minutes Inspiration

On the Range with Andrew Toogood

After being voted 55th in the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants in 2023, Glasgow’s widely-acclaimed Porter & Rye celebrates its 10th anniversary in December and continues to be passionate about showcasing the very best that Scotland has to offer from hand-dived Isle of Mull scallops to Perthshire wood pigeon.

One of the driving forces behind the restaurant’s recent success is Executive Chef Andrew Toogood. “I can’t believe how quickly the last 20 years has gone to be honest, but I’m privileged to be doing something I love. Yes, it can be intense and high pressured at times but that’s what keeps me focused and that’s what I thrive on. It’s not for everyone though.” says Andrew.

“We have an à la carte, a small plates and a roast menu for Sunday and want to ensure they are all unique. Our aged meats and foraging certainly make that easier but it’s about being creative and imaginative as well. We run specials every week to keep everything fresh and seasonal. It’s great for diners but also vital for the development of my chefs so we’re always evolving and improving.”

Pistachio Mousse and Pistachio Brittle

“The recipe I want to share with you is a chocolate bar with pistachio and mint. This dessert has several elements. Featured here are the Pistachio Mousse and Pistachio Brittle but you can find the full recipe online.”