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On The Range With Miss Marmalades

From doom and gloom in 2016 when they became jobless after the coffee shop where they were working shut down, daring duo Rachel Boulton-Jones and Connie Falkland decided it was time to do their own thing.

Refurbishing an old florist shop, the pair opened Miss Marmalades on Pepper Street in Nantwich in 2017. Since then, the business has grown and is now celebrating its 6th anniversary last year.

“Our paths crossed when we both started working at another café in Nantwich and it was evident from the outset that we both had the same passion for delivering great food and drink with the best customer service.” Says Rachel. “We both thrived in a hospitality environment so when it was announced that the café was going to be closed, it seemed an ideal time to take the plunge and follow what we both loved doing. With the support of our families, Miss Marmalades became real, and we opened in 2017.”

“Our Miss Marmalades journey so far has been fun and full of laughter. Each day is like a school day and we take each one as it comes. Hospitality is tough and we can only do what we can do, so we don’t look too far ahead. Our aim is to continue to take pride in absolutely everything we do and never compromise when it comes to the quality of our menu and the service we offer. We think this, along with our random décor, is what works and makes us special. We absolutely love our customers and over the years have met some amazing people.”

Miss Marmalades specialises in salads, sandwiches, toasties, soup, milkshakes and offers a spectacular selection of sweets and cakes with everything made from scratch.

“We’re not a brunch place but more of a lunch spot” says Connie. “While we have a selection of year-round favourites, our menu changes with the seasons and we love to be creative with specials. We both enjoy eating out with our partners to find inspiration for new dishes and business boosting ventures. Our Roast Veg Toastie, which features traditional Sunday roast veg such as carrots, cabbage, potatoes and parsnip, is a big favourite and we’re also known for our innovative and indulgent milkshakes. For the true shake aficionados, our Freakshake is the ultimate monster that is loaded with sprinkles and even a cupcake.”

“We use a wide range of Country Range products and ingredients and they never let us down. We like to keep our menus fresh so change or rotate monthly. Whether it’s for our homemade cakes, soups, sandwiches or salads, the quality, choice and the value are second to none. Our Country Range Roast Beef, Stilton and our homemade red onion chutney sandwich is always a regular favourite we offer. We even use the Country Range Balsamic Vinegar to make the chutney.”

“This recipe below is for our Bread Pudding that is immensely popular during the winter months and uses the Country Range dried fruits and cherries. It utilises leftover bread and perfectly highlights how ingredients that some would consider waste, can be turned into delicious dishes through a little creativity.”