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Picnics were initially indoor affairs and often involved music and dance as they started to become popular in 18th century France. It was only in the UK where they were taken up by the growing middle class in the 19th century that a picnic revolution began, and they were turned in to the outdoor dining experience we all know and love today.

So, as National Picnic Month kicks off this July, it’s time to pimp up your picnic offering so everyone can raise a sandwich, cake or glass of fizz to our pioneering picnic ancestors and make this year’s celebration a spectacle.

The Country Range portfolio is packed with solutions to guarantee your picnic menu is the talk of the town.

Baked Besties –

Our Quiches, Sausage Rolls and authentic Cornish pasties will always add an extra portion of pizzazz to your picnic.

Nourishing Nibbles –

For a little sophistication, try our Olives and Sundried Tomatoes or for some crunch, our Tortilla Chips with Salsa never fail.

Sumptuous Sarnies –

Ditch the basic everyday fillings and sliced white bread, a picnic deserves something special. Try our Wiltshire Gammon or Silverside Beef Slices for superior fillings and our selection of Baguettes, Tortilla Wraps and Rolls for unbeatable bread.

Plant-based Picnic –

Whether it’s hummus and dips, globally-inspired veggie wraps, salads or a full vegan platter, there is plenty you can do to ensure your plant-based picnic offering creates a stir. Our Award-Winning Vegan Mayo is an amazingly versatile store cupboard ingredient, whether slathered on sandwiches or used as an ingredient for herb or chipotle dips.

Sweet Finish –

A picnic isn’t complete without some delectable desserts and cakes so choose carefully. For an afternoon tea feel to the picnic, our Scone Mix, Sponge and Pudding Mixes never fail and for those looking for finished products, our Mini Cake Assortment are mini in name but mighty when it comes to visual appeal and taste.



With the US celebrating their independence from British rule in July, it’s a great excuse to get inventive with your menu and add some international flair. You could run a special burger for the day using our Gourmet Steak Burgers to create a delicious Smokey BBQ Burger, a themed barbecue, or a classic breakfast with the Country Range American Style Pancakes and all the trimmings.

 “I’m a big fan of the Country Range Maple and Agave Syrup which we serve with our American-style pancakes and bacon” – Catering Operation, Exeter


With both World Chocolate Day (7th July) and World Ice Cream Day (17th July) falling in July, it’s a great opportunity to check your sweet treat offering and possibly give it a revamp ahead of the peak holiday season. Why not use our Award-Winning Dark Chocolate drops to make these delicious Rocky Road Brownie’s on World Chocolate Day?
For World Ice Cream Day, maybe forget about the bog-standard cone and think cocktail floats and use our Country Range Dairy Ice Cream for sensational sundaes or try our tortilla ice cream cone recipe.

“The Country Range Dark Chocolate Drops – the quality is very good and meets the standards I need for special functions and day-to-day desserts.” – School, Berkshire