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Plant your Vegan Flag this January

January has been transformed in recent years from a dark and depressing month into a celebration of health. It has always been the key time for resolutions and health kicks but over the last few years this has been seriously ramped up with ‘Veganuary’ and ‘Dry January’ in particular making it a centrepiece of mindful eating and drinking.

Veganism continues to be one of the leading trends in food with the plant-based phenomenon showing no signs of slowing down. The Vegan Society highlights that the number of vegans quadrupled to 600,000 in the UK in 2019 and the Veganuary campaign in 2020 saw a record number of sign-ups with over 400,000 people taking part against 250,000 participants
in 2019.

More than ever in 2021, health will be at the forefront of people’s minds so whatever the kitchen, make sure you are plant-prepared as this year’s Veganuary campaign kicks off. Here’s our top tips to help you plant your vegan flag:

  • Do your research – the plant-based craze is booming online so check out what the top bloggers and influencers are doing. It’s a great way to find some inspiration.
  • Step-by-step – don’t try to do too much, too fast. Start by introducing a small number of dishes, see how the sales are of those dishes or ask for feedback from customer, residents and pupils and then adjust. Our Vegan and Gluten Free Spiced Orange Dessert is worthy of a Hollywood handshake and our Peri Peri Cauliflower wings recipe will have your customers’ taste buds flying.
  • Experiment – don’t be afraid to try some new recipes and products. There are so many fantastic ingredients out there and plenty of simple-to-make dishes.  Pulled pork continues to be popular so why not try creating a boisterous burger with serious Sloppy Joe pulling power by utilising BBQ jackfruit as an alternative. For kids or school pupils our Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Chickpea Roll recipe could work really well as an alternative to sausage rolls!
  • Vegan twists on classics – try veganising some of your most popular dishes or create mash-ups of classics. For example, try a Fake & Ale Pie or how about our great To-fish & Chips recipe.
  • Options and promotions – look at how you can incorporate vegan options across the menu. For snacks, starters and lunch, our Vegan sausage rolls and pasties are the ultimate snack or lunch option. Most importantly, make sure you shout about your vegan options using special boards and signage. You may be surprised just how well it goes down.

“We were asked for some vegan dishes recently after a resident heard about the vegan craze in the newspapers. We created a selection of vegan cakes using the Country Range ingredients for everyone to try and they were incredibly well received.” – Care Home

You can find hundreds of fantastic recipes at www.countryrange.co.uk/recipes or for plant-based specific inspiration download the brand new Stir it up Plant-based Menu Solutions Guide today at bit.ly/SIUPlant-based21